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One of these days, I needed a tool to record gifs from iOS devices to provide a better description to our PRs here at Work&Co. It wasn’t uncommon for us to open PRs with no description at all or with minimum overview of what was being accomplished.

Let me tell you something: design matters at this company! It’s hard to create amazing digital products and even harder to assess its code. We decided we could do better with our PRs.

Recording gifs from iOS devices has never been easy. You can find a bunch of tools online that are paid or simply don’t work. The alternative was to launch QuickTime, record a video and convert it to gif. That’s a lot of work. It’s tiresome and time consuming. We we could do better!

Example GIF

We did better

It turns out that, right now, it’s awfully simple to record a gif from your iOS simulator. All you need to do is run one simple command:

$ ios-simulator-gif yolo.gif

This will immediately start recording the gif and stop when you press any key. The gif will be saved to the yolo.gif. Need to customize the gif? No problem at all! These are the arguments accepted by ios-simulator-gif:

Options Description Default value
-r, –rate Framerate of the output 6
-f, –format Output format gif
-vf, –video-filter Video filter for ffmpeg scale=320:-1
-h, –help Outputs helper message N/A

Need more?? We got you covered fam! Anything you pass after -- will be sent directly as args to ffmpeg!

$ ios-simulator-gif -r 30 example.gif -- -b 128k

You’re welcome!


Assuming that you have Homebrew installed, execute the following steps:

  1. Use the repository as a “tap” (alternative package repository):
$ brew tap fjcaetano/ios-simulator-gif
  1. Install ios-simulator-gif (and dependencies):
$ brew install fjcaetano/ios-simulator-gif/ios-simulator-gif

If you want to install it directly, that’s on you. If you can’t figure that out, and don’t know what you’re doing, just install Homebrew and be happy.

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