Hi there, stranger.

If you found this blog, you’re probably my friend or already know what I do for a living. But anyways I’m a mobile app developer (I mean, iOS developer), Python fan and Django explorer.

In this blog, which I’ll try to update at least once a month, I’ll primarily talk about my approaches in some aspects of my developer life, but if I digress and start talking about karting, movies, cooking or anything, please, bare with me  for I’ll eventually come back to topic – or not. Those are some of my current hobbies and, in the future, more wil come and some will be forgotten.

That’s me. Oh, btw, my name is Flávio (duh!), I’m 22 brazilian and you can reach me at flavio@vieiracaetano.com.

These are some of my links you may find interesting:

That’s it for now. Soon will finish the next article I’m currently working on and, when I’m satisfied – which will probably be never, but I’ll post it anyway – we’ll talk more.

See you next time.

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